KPGeo is a global photogrammetric mapping and surveying company that provides its customers top quality geospatial services and products.

KPGeo was established in 2012. Company founders are: C. Douglas Leibbrandt and Pawel Ziemba. Operating in an international structure, we have been able to integrate the many years of experience of our USA and Poland based teams into our organization. Our offices are located in Cracow, Poland and in the Kansas City, USA. We combine the best of two worlds: American perfectionism, work organization and innovative technology, with high quality production in Poland, performed by highly educated and trained professionals ready to face challenges of the most complicated and technically sophisticated projects.

KPGeo Quality Management System is ISO 9001: 2015
and AQAP 2110: 2016 certified.

KPGeo specializes in providing professional data services for aviation industry, such as:

  • AMDB – Aerodrome Mapping Databases
  • eTOD – Electronic Terrain and Obstacle Databases used for Performance Based Navigation (PBN)
  • GCP – Ground Control Points

Apart from the data services for airports and air traffic, KPGeo provides a wide range of geospatial services including:

  • Geospatial data acquisition
  • LiDAR processing
  • Orthophoto and True-Orthophoto production
  • UAV data development
  • GIS Implementation & Consulting
  • QA/QC services
  • Data & Systems Integration, data maintenance
  • Custom Application development

Why to trust production in Poland?

Why to trust production in Poland?

Poland is one of the very few European countries that has kept steady GDP growth despite the global economic crisis

Poland is member of the European Union and uses all European legal standards

Our work is performed by English speaking professionals with college degrees

Poland has a convenient time difference with the United States (6 – 9 hours)

Poland is one of the most trusted US allies and is a member of NATO

Poland is part of the Western culture world and is just half way to India!


    KPGeo Sp. z o.o.
    ul. Królewska 65
    30-081 Kraków, Poland
    T: +48 12 379 3170


    KPGeo LLC
    8801 Birch Lane
    Prairie Village, KS 66207
    Tel. +1 816-695-3357